Online Recipe Sharing Platform

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Team Details

Description of Project

The Online Recipe Sharing Platform is a user-friendly application designed to cater to the needs of food enthusiasts, home cooks, and professional chefs alike. With this application, users can effortlessly add and view an extensive collection of recipes from various recipes and share their culinary creations with others.

Tech Stack

his application is developed using the followings technologies

  • Angular v15.2.4
  • Angular Material v15.2.9
  • Bootstrap v5.2.3
  • Github for version controlling
  • Github Actions for CI/CD
  • Github Page for deploying this application
  • Appwrite Cloud 11.0.0
    • Authentication
    • Database

Challenges We Faced

This is my first time using third-party APIs to build an application. It was difficult to develop at first. Appwrite deserves credit for providing the documentation.

Hashnode Blog

Here is the Hashnod blog link

Public Code Repo

Here is the Github Repo link

Demo Link

This Application is deployed on Github Page. Here is the link

#appwrite #AppwriteHackathon