Stride is a web app designed for sports people (especially runners) to find and match people similar to their experience in sports.

No matter the experience, sports are always better together and especially is great for forming communities and activities. That's why, Stride tackles this problem of finding persons who are interested in running as you and trying to get better at it.

I practice running, the first time I participated in a competition was a long time ago and the aspect that stuck with me was how many people are interested.

Sometimes, running alone might be daunting, especially at the beginning. Stride aims to solve this problem by allowing you to match other runners based on your stats like longest run, pace or objective.

There are several features that come with Stride:

  • User Registration

  • Login

  • User Settings

  • Match mechanism where you can match based on preferences

  • List of matches

  • Chat

Tech stack:

  • Appwrite (Backend)

  • Angular (Frontend)

  • Netlify (Deploy)

Appwrite services used:

  • Databases

  • Authentication

  • Storage

  • Functions

  • Realtime