Code Chronicles is a platform to allow users to create, and share their articles related to programming, and tech in general including their devlogs. Users get to choose their interests, and are displayed posts based on those topics in the explore section, they can also follow the people they want.

When the user signs up, they need to pick topics that interest them, it could be a programming language, even a framework, or game engines. They are then taken to the home screen where they will be able to see the posts by the people they follow, the explore view allows them to search for users, and also see posts related to the topics they are interested in. Users can like a post, comment on it, and even share a reply to the comment along with the ability to like the comment and the reply too. Code Chronicles uses the quill editor, which allows the users to share text with all kinds of formatting to show the important parts, and even insert snippets of code. They can also add a cover image to show what the article is about, and also a small title that describes the article.