NextGen Patients is an open-source project aimed at making medical advice and consultation easily accessible.

Type of App

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Core Stack (includes but not limited to the following):

Next.js, Appwrite, Zustand, AntDesign, TailwindCSS, JavaScript, Jest, Docker.

Key Features of App

  • Appointment Booking: Schedule online medical appointments with ease, eliminating the need for unecessary physical visits.
  • Virtual Consultations: Connect with doctors through chat, to seek medical advice.
  • Health Information DB: Store and access your personal health records, including medical history, prescriptions, and test results, all within the app.
  • QR Code Ticketing: Generate QR Code Tickets for booked schedules (in case of physical visit to a hospital).
  • Timers & Reminders: Set reminders for medication schedules.
  • Health Tips and Resources: Recieve health tips, and resources.
  • PWA: No need to install from Appstore or Playstore.