For the #AppwriteHackathon, I created an excellent web application that lets users access the newest films and make a custom wishlist. Users may easily add their desired movies to their wishlist using this creative web app, which uses APIs to retrieve the most recent movie information.

This project's strong authentication system, which guarantees secure user access and safeguards private data, is one of its distinguishing characteristics. Users can establish accounts, log in, and manage their wishlists with confidence because of Appwrite's strong authentication capabilities.

Additionally, this web application makes use of the sophisticated database functionalities offered by Appwrite. Users may easily store and retrieve movie data by utilising the database function, ensuring that their wishlist is always up-to-date and accessible. This integration makes it possible to manage data effectively and offers a convenient user interface.

This web app offers movie lovers a seamless and feature-rich experience by combining the authentication, database, and Query capabilities provided by Appwrite. It gives customers the ability to easily manage their movie wishlist, find new movies, and keep up with the most recent releases—all in a safe and user-friendly setting.