Finding a perfect roommate can be a tough task. But with our new React Native app called Roomie, the process is seamless and fun. Roomie is an app designed to help individuals find the perfect roommate. It uses algorithms that match users based on their interests, lifestyle, location, and budget.

Roomie is an intuitive app that is similar to a dating app. Users create their profiles by adding their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests. The app then compares the profiles of all users and suggests potential matches. If two users match, they can start chatting and arranging to view properties together.

Tech Stack Roomie was developed using React Native, Expo, and Appwrite.

  • React Native - A framework for building mobile apps using JavaScript and React

  • Expo - A framework and platform for developing mobile apps

  • Appwrite - An open-source backend platform for web and mobile developers