We are thrilled to present our project, Travel Crew, for the Hashnode-Appwrite Hackathon. Travel Crew is an exceptional travel partner/group application that brings together travel enthusiasts on a unified platform, delivering a seamless, effective, and user-centric experience for connecting and planning journeys to the greatest destinations with the coolest travel groups. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Appwrite, we have developed this innovative application and cannot wait to showcase our project to the community.

Here is our entry for the Appwrite Hashnode hackathon;

App- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ffcen8SaGTDeH6qfaPKhyAEt1mpeygCn/view?usp=sharing

Github - https://github.com/YuvrajSingh3110/travel_crew
Figma design - https://www.figma.com/file/VfMJGWrik0LV8ChxzmMazK/Appwrite-hackathon-travel-crew-design?type=design&node-id=644%3A1351&t=WEZbjqaGafNlWfkj-1 (apk drive link is in the GitHub readme)