PlainDays is a simple and fully automated task scheduling app for busy individuals.

As an engineer working at a startup I often face with the problem of ad-hoc tasks seriously altering the delivery dates of projects. I find it difficult to commit to deadlines or update my colleagues when they change without a clear picture of all my tasks.

So, the main goal of PlainDays is to help us keep track of all our tasks and provide us with a realistic timeline and schedule. I think of it as a smart personal assistant that helps me to remain on top of my things.

Please note that this platform was created as part of a weekend project for the Appwrite Hackathon. This means that it is not yet stable. I am planning to work on it even after the Hackathon ends, so stay tuned for updates and stable releases. For now just enjoy scheduling your tasks and feel free to raise an issue if you find a bug or had an idea for an awesome new feature.