SpaceVoid application is an All in One Space App. Made for astronomy and space enthusiasts. It gives you a simple and smooth UI/UX experience. Get latest information on agencies, astronauts, events, images, launches, podcasts, programs, news, rockets, space stations and more. Main features are mentioned below :-


• Latest News & Podcasts from Multiple Sources.

• Upcoming Events and Rocket Launch Schedule.

• Updates on ISRO, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, SpaceX.

• Track ISS location, Starlink, Falcon in Real-Time.

• Access to NASA's Eyes for Solar System, Earth and Asteroids Simulation.

• Information on Agencies, Astronauts, Programs, Rockets & Space Stations.

• Astronomy Picture of the Day [APOD].

You can view the application in both dark and light mode (or even system default). With that you can also choose which notifications you want to receive.

Thanks for reading :)